6 Reasons to Have a Backup Generator

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    Pickett Generators knows there are many concerns about maintaining the electricity your home needs during outages, storms, and other natural disasters. While we can all weather through these bigger events if we have to, there are a lot of reasons to consider calling us for a backup generator sooner rather than later.

    1. Saves You Money.

    While there is an initial cost for purchasing and installing your whole home generator, in the long run you will find that it may save or make you money. The first way is during long term power outages when food and drinks that need refrigeration or are in your freezer are ruined with no electricity to maintain these temperatures. The second way is in seeing your home increase in value should you decide to sell. A generator is a great selling point and can help you command the price your home deserves once on the market.

    2. Severe Weather is Becoming More Common.

    Many areas across the country are becoming more and more accustomed to severe weather and natural disasters. This is especially true of Texas and the Gulf Coast Region. We can expect large scale outages with some of these natural disasters, like hurricanes, and having a whole home generator can help you be prepared for whatever comes our way. This peace of mind will be much appreciated as you work through the weather or help others in your community.

    3. The Grid.

    We are learning more and more about the power grid and infrastructure that provides electricity throughout Texas. With many home and business owners growing more concerned about what that means for maintaining power, having a backup plan is a good idea. This ensures your home and business will be able to function should the grid become stressed or have repairs that knock out power to your area.

    4. Dependability.

    A backup generator can provide the dependability you and your family need during a power outage. Air conditioning and heating is important to maintain in your home when you’re dealing with the extreme ends of the temperature scale. Being able to keep in contact with loved ones or work is also vital at all times, especially during larger disasters.

    5. Medical Necessity.

    While electricity to your home is seemingly all about being comfortable, it is also necessary for health and wellness. Many have medical devices that rely on electricity or at least need to recharge from time to time. With a whole home generator, you don’t have to worry about your loved ones, who depend on electricity, being at risk during a power outage.

    6. Cybersecurity.

    While a generator cannot protect your internet connected devices from a cyber-threat, it can protect you if a cyberattack occurs to the power grid. Many of our systems are increasingly reliant on commands given through the internet making electricity vulnerable to mischief and terror from those who see these opportunities. Your generator will keep your home running while these issues are resolved.

    To inquire about a home or business generator, contact Pickett Generators today. We can help evaluate your needs and explain how a generator can protect you, automatically, during any of the circumstances listed above. Our team has the professional experience to evaluate what is best for your home or business and get your generator installed in a timely manner.

    September 8, 2021