How to Choose a Home Generator

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    You have decided that all of the reasons we give for your home or business to be protected by a generator are valid. You have set aside some money for your investment. Now the big question, what type of generator should you get. Pickett Generators knows that there are different needs you have for your generator and understanding those needs will help you choose the best one.

    Type by Fuel

    Generators run on different types of fuel. You will want to consider what fuel you prefer and believe you can have access to in the event of an emergency. It doesn’t make sense to invest in a diesel generator if the closest station that offers diesel is across the city. Other families may want to store backup fuel for their generator and that will impact the type of generator they choose. A great source of fuel for families who may be concerned about emissions is natural gas, but this may be restrictive if you live too far away from an existing line. Propane may seem slightly inefficient, but the shelf stability of this fuel makes it a great choice for many. The lines usually aren’t impacted by a power outage, but there is always the risk of lines being damaged in a disaster.

    Wattage Needs

    While a home may technically need a certain amount of wattage in order to run, you may not desire a generator to provide every unit of wattage you need in the event of an emergency or power outage. There is a range of choices with the minimum suggestion being 22kW. If you do choose a larger wattage for your entire home to run, most homes can function reasonably well with 48kW generators. By meeting with one of our Pickett Generator team members, we can discuss what your minimum and maximum needs may be. It may be helpful to walk through your home and list out the appliances you need running by a whole home generator, not forgetting items you need charged and medical devices that may need power.

    Extra Features

    After deciding the basics, along with looking at your budget, you may have other features and options you need or want from your generator. Some units are quieter than others which may be appealing for those in crowded neighborhoods or who prefer extra peace and quiet themselves. Some generators automatically test once a week, helping homeowners to feel assured they are working at all times. You will also want to consider the size of the generator you are looking at and where may be the best location for it on your property. For smaller wattage generators, it may be helpful to have a generator that is on certain circuits only, when it automatically turns on.

    Pickett Generators is here to help you choose and install the generator your home or business needs in the Greater Houston and surrounding areas. Our expert team can guide you through the process. Members of our VIP Club will also get service on their generator, around the clock, with no diagnostic fees. To learn more or set an appointment with our staff, contact us today.

    September 14, 2021