Maintaining Your Home Generator

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    Your whole home generator is an insurance policy of sorts. It may not be able to pay you back if a branch falls on your home or if someone crashes into your car, but it does protect your family and the contents of your home in the event of an emergency. A whole home generator will automatically run power to your home to protect the food in your fridge, to keep your air comfortably cool or warm, and to run any other device you need to maintain the status quo. For such an important piece of equipment, you cannot install it and forget about it, trusting that nothing else needs to be done. Instead, your home generator needs regular maintenance, from your Pickett Generator team.

    Basic Maintenance

    The most important job you can do as a homeowner is to inspect your generator regularly, just as you would any other part of your home. When you are in the yard, inspecting your home and lawn, take a look at your generator to ensure that it is free of excess debris. By clearing away piled up leaves or branches, you are helping your generator to stay in shape. From time to time, inspect it a little closer to make sure no connections have been broken and that all looks normal. While this would be unusual, you never know what damage may happen from some passerby or other event. You wouldn’t want to wait until a natural disaster hit to discover something needed repair.

    Pickett Help

    The Pickett Generator team knows about generators. Not only do we sell and install several major brands, but we stock the parts and know how to repair those major brands any time or day of the week. We don’t want to spend unnecessary weeks hunting down a part we may need to get your generator back online. Each generator is different and their care will be different as such. By knowing major brands of generators, we can tailor the care your generator needs for regular maintenance. Cleaning, factory service, and a check-up of sorts are all included in regular maintenance. This will help us to evaluate any potential problems with your generator running before you need it in an unexpected power failure.

    VIP Club

    Generator repair does not always come when we want it, but the last thing a home or business owner wants is to be left without the investment made in their generator. By joining our VIP Club, you will have access to our trained team of Pickett Generator technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, holidays included. There is no overtime charge for our VIP Club and there is no diagnostic charge. This protects your investment further and means you will get the care you need. The peace of mind that comes with that knowledge is just as valuable as the investment made in the home or business generator in the first place. To get your generator serviced or to consider installing a new generator for your home or business, call our team today. We can make sure your generator is ready for whatever comes next or help make a recommendation for your individual needs. Pickett Generators is here to serve you.

    August 27, 2021