How to Prepare Your Generator for Hurricane Season

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    Hurricane preparedness requires being on semi-alert for about half the year, just in case. Installing a whole-home generator is a great way to get rid of many worries on your emergency list, but what items are added to your checklist to make sure your generator is ready for hurricane season? Pickett Generators can help you install and maintain this vital backup for your home.

    Extra Fuel

    Depending on the type of generator you install, you may need backup fuel. Natural gas generators will pull directly from the line, but some run on propane or diesel, in which case you may want to safely store a bit extra in the event of a natural disaster. While these will run for some time, depending on how much electricity you are pulling each hour, you may not be able to safely get more fuel when you need it. Make sure the fuel is secure in your garage or a storage shed and use this fuel from time to time, replacing it as needed.

    Secure Your Home

    As you are taking down patio umbrellas and securing outside toys, make sure you check over your generator before the storm hits. Generators are sturdy and designed to be outside, but you want to make sure they are free of debris or any other hazard that may get blown around by hurricane-force winds. Give a quick look at all of your connections and if you notice any that need repair, call out our Pickett Generator team to get you ready to go.

    Hook Up What You Need Most

    Every generator and home are different, and our team can help you evaluate what size generator you need or want. That being said, once the generator is installed, you will want the systems most important during a storm tied into this backup. Medical equipment, air conditioning, lights, and refrigeration for food are the most common concerns most homeowners have for weathering a big storm. Talk with our team to decide how to best equip your home for a hurricane that may knock your power out for days or weeks at a time.

    Regular Maintenance

    One of the best parts of working with Pickett Generators is the service we provide, especially to those with our VIP Club membership. Regular maintenance and tune-ups are included in your costs which means you can have us come service your generator now, to make sure it is ready for any storm that comes our way. Every part of your home needs a check-up every year and it is important to catch any issues before the storm is looming.

    Automatically On

    Now that the rest of the work is done, you can sit back and relax as you wait for the next big storm. Maybe relax isn’t the right word, but you can certainly have a little more peace of mind as you wait and see. Your peace of mind comes from knowing if the power goes out, you won’t have to do a thing. Whole-home generators are designed to sense when the electricity goes out and will automatically turn on to keep your systems running without interruption.

    Pickett Generators is ready to service your existing generator or to get you installed with a new system. Give us a call today to set an appointment, before the next big storm hits. What’s more, as we have seen here in Texas, you will need peace of mind in many different types of weather, not just those summer months!

    July 6, 2021