What to Expect From Your Generator Installation Process

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    Pickett Generators is poised to help protect the Greater Houston area from blackouts due to tropical weather systems, major freezes, or accidental outages. Once you have chosen the generator that is best for your home or business, you may wonder what comes next. Pickett Generators is here to help every step of the way.

    1. Choosing a location. This location will be dependent on a number of factors – primarily what fuel source you have chosen for your generator. While lines can be adjusted to some degree, they will determine where your generator will be located if you are tapping into natural gas. For propane and diesel generators, you have a little more flexibility, although you don’t want your generator too close to your home due to the fumes that are a byproduct of generating power. Our Pickett Generator team can help you narrow down your choice.

    2. Permits. You will need to liaison with a few different groups in order to prepare for your generator installation. If you are using natural gas, we will need to work with the gas company to make sure installation goes smoothly. Some neighborhood HOAs will need to approve the generator installation, specifically in regard to easement.

    3. Foundation. Your generator cannot sit on the ground and will need a concrete slab at minimum to be poured and prepared. Some homes that are prone to flooding may want to speak with our team about elevating this foundation in other ways.

    4. Wiring. The installation process begins once the foundation is done. Our Pickett Generator team will put your generator in place and begin wiring to your home, dependent on what type of generator you have. Some generators will run every circuit of a home or business. Others may opt for a smaller output generator that will only run certain circuits in the event of an emergency to conserve fuel and resources.

    5. Fuel line. Once the wiring is taken care of, we will connect your generator to the fuel source of your choosing. If you are choosing a fuel with a tank, we will make sure all connections are secure. If we are running into a line, we will work with the utilities company to make sure that is complete.

    6. Outage test. We know that a power outage can occur in the Houston area at any time, we don’t want to leave your generator to chance. Once we are sure we have installed everything correctly, we will run an outage test to make sure power is restored to your home via your generator immediately. If it isn’t, our Pickett Generator team will work until the job is complete.

    7. Showing you the ropes. Once everything is installed and tested, we will show you how to run your own tests, what to keep an eye on, how to change out the fuel if you are using a tank, and general upkeep tips.

    8. Quality guarantee. From there, our work is done, unless you have an issue. Our generators come with a solid warrantee and members of our VIP Club can receive annual tune ups and emergency repair on their generator at no extra charge.

    Pickett Generators is here to help you choose and install a new generator for your home or business or to provide maintenance and upkeep on an existing generator on your property. By serving the Greater Houston area with their generator needs, we can make our community more comfortable during unexpected times. To learn more or to set an appointment to learn more, contact us today.

    September 22, 2021