Benefits of a Home Generator

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    Maybe you have always thought about getting a generator for your home. More than likely, it has been during the waning hours of a power outage, and you are wondering how you will sleep without a fan or A/C and exactly how long the deep freeze of food will last. You resolve that you will get one as soon as you can and promptly forget once the regular day-to-day starts back. Pickett Generators know the best time to get a generator for your home is now and everyone could use the added relief having one provides.

    Medical Necessity – There are a fair number of people in the population who rely on electricity for medical devices like an oxygen tank or heart monitor. By investing in a generator, you can keep these family members safe. Make sure you have the extension cords you need to plug in these items and enough fuel to keep you going while you hunker down.

    Stay Connected to Work – Whether you work from home all the time or you need to work during a larger natural disaster, having a generator will help you fulfill these responsibilities despite the circumstances. Some fields, like those in insurance, plumbers, and electricians, and managers of larger groups of workers need electricity to keep work going and to serve their communities.

    Protecting Your Investment – If you have food in your fridge and freezer, you have plans for those items. According to the USDA, some food items need to be thrown out in as little as four hours without refrigeration. A generator can provide the electricity you need to keep your food safe. It can also protect your house against burglars by keeping your security systems running and your lights on during a power outage. By protecting against power surges, a home generator can help prevent costly and inconvenient electrical damages. With the added safety and security a home generator provides, you can also qualify for discounts on homeowners insurance.

    Peace of Mind – Most of the time our power outages are due to large-scale natural disasters in our region, like hurricanes. You and your immediate area may be out of power for longer than a couple of hours. Some areas have experienced multiple weeks without the power they need to run the basics of their home. By investing in a whole home generator, you can focus on caring for your family in other ways, without the added pressure of how to recharge your phone, how to cook food, and other listed benefits. What’s more, this peace of mind will put you in the right frame of mind to stay calm and meet the other needs of those around you.

    Added Comfort – During the heat of the summer or deep freezes in winter, you can have the assurance that comes with a whole home generator that your AC or heater will always be working and won’t be interrupted by an unexpected power outage.

    Cost Balances Out – While there are some features that may change on a generator over the years, with basic maintenance, you will be able to keep your generator for a long time. Every time you use it, you will be paying off that investment, by protecting your home, your business, and most importantly, your loved ones. A whole-home generator can be installed by our team at Pickett Generators. We can meet with you, evaluate your needs, make an expert recommendation, and have your home protected by our products. By letting our trained staff install it, you can adjust different circuits without unplugging everything in your home. We want to help keep you and your family safe and provide peace of mind. To schedule an appointment and lean on our advice on which generator may be best for you, contact us today.

    July 30, 2021